Miss Mischief Maker (1918)

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This light comedy starring impish child star Gloria Joy was very much of its era -- it doesn't translate particularly well to modern-day sensibilities, especially the ending. After the death of her mother (Nell Saalman), Sallie O'Brien (Joy) goes to live with Bridget Cassidy, who runs a boarding house (Ruth Lackaye). But Mrs. Cassidy makes the little girl wait on tables along with working as a newsie, so Sallie convinces the wealthy James Wilson (Edward Jobson) to adopt her. Fred Mason (Albert Rockett) is in love with Wilson's daughter, Marjorie (Ethel Pepperell), but she refuses to marry him because he isn't titled or a hero. So Sallie brings home Mrs. Cassidy's son, Patrick (Charles Dudley), and introduces him as the Duke of Galway. Marjorie agrees to marry him until his mother shows up and reveals that he is no duke. It is discovered that Sallie is at the bottom of this, and Wilson spanks her. With the help of a piece of asbestos, however, Sallie suffers through the spanking without too much damage.