Miss Adventure (1919)

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After becoming known for her girlish roles Peggy Hyland turns around and portrays an athletic tomboy in this romantic adventure. When a ship's crew mutinies Basil Cavanaugh is mortally wounded. Before dying, he puts his little girl, Jane (Gertie Messenger), in the care of her pal, Dickie Hamilton, a cabin boy (Lewis Sergeant). He is supposed to hand her over to the care of a San Francisco banker but instead she winds up with smuggler Bog Nichols (Frank Brownlee). Then Nichols is arrested and Captain Barth (George Hernandez) adopts Jane. Fourteen years pass and Jane (now played by Hyland) is a rowdy tomboy who is adored by Barth. He wishes her to marry his nephew, Albert (George Webb). But Albert would prefer to get her out of the way, since that would leave him the captain's sole heir. So he convinces Jane to go on a dangerous cruise with Nichols, who has just been released from prison. Nichols falls overboard and drowns and Jane winds up on a desolate island. Hamilton, now grown into a successful businessman (Edward Burns), spies her on the island and saves her. He figures out that she is the girl he lost track of so many years before. Albert realizes that Jane is an heiress in her own right and decides he wants to marry her after all -- whether she wants to or not. It turns out she doesn't want him, but before he can force her to elope, Hamilton intervenes. Jane gets the inheritance due her, along with Hamilton's love.