Misleading Lady (1916)

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Explorer and woman-hater Jack Craigen (Henry B. Walthall) returns from his trek through Patagonia and attends a party where he is tricked by aspiring actress Helen Steele (Edna Mayo). Helen wants to show off her acting abilities to theatrical manager Sidney Parker (Edward Arnold), so she makes Craigen fall in love with her and propose marriage. The partygoers, with the exception of Craigen, are impressed with her performance. Craigen, on the other hand, storms off. But before he leaves, Helen suggests that maybe he should try the Patagonian method of understanding women by stealing one and studying her. Craigen takes her comment to heart and snatches her off to his cabin where he chains her up and takes notes about her moods. She manages to escape by knocking him unconscious. Everyone is searching for Helen, including her fiancé, Henry Tracy (Sydney Ainsworth), who has just shown up. Helen starts feeling guilty about all the trouble she's caused Craigen and returns to the cabin. The party guests find her there, but she insists on remaining with the explorer. This picture was based on the stage play by Charles W. Goddard and Paul Dickey. It was remade as a talkie starring Claudette Colbert and Edmund Lowe in 1932.