Millionaire Vagrant (1917)

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Charles Ray takes a break from his country bumpkin roles in this feature. Here he is Steven du Peyster, a club man who makes a bet with lawyer friend Malcolm Blackridge (J. Barney Sherry) that he can live honestly on six dollars a week. So Steven rents a room in a tenement and makes friends with the others who live there, including the mysterious Ruth Vail (Sylvia Bremer). Ruth is arrested for soliciting, and the prosecuting attorney happens to be Blackridge, who offers to drop the case, providing she agrees to meet with him in private. Meanwhile, Steven and one of his tenement pals break into Blackridge's home in order to come up with enough funds to get Ruth off. They, too, discover the DA's dirty dealings. The next morning is a bleak one for Blackridge, because Ruth pulls out the note he wrote her, and the others are there to back her up. Needless to say, Steven wins his bet. Ruth, it turns out, is actually an investigator for a girls' settlement house, and after she and Steven marry, they pair up as reform workers. Future film star John Gilbert -- then billed as Jack Gilbert -- had a featured role in this picture.