Midnight Flyer (1925)

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This fast-paced railroad melodrama was the kind of entertaining but quickly forgotten program feature that played for a day, maybe two, at small town theaters. Engineer David Henderson (Cullen Landis) runs afoul of Mel Slater (Charles Post), a drunken fireman, while on his train. Slater threatens him with a hot poker and forces him off the train. As a result, Henderson is discharged as a coward. Slater also loses his job and decides to go in for some more foul play. He boards a Special, tosses the engineer out of the cab, and sends it on a runaway path. Henderson, determined to stop Slater in his tracks, boards a freight engine and brings it parallel to the Special. He leaps from one train to the other and gives Slater the beating he has deserved for about the past four reels. Henderson saves the train and, since he has proven he's no coward, he is reinstated. He also wins the girl, Mary Baxter (Dorothy Devore).