Midnight Express in Orient (1996)

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Yu Rongguang stars in this gritty drama as Chen Chin-hau, a thuggish trucker who takes his long suffering wife for granted. One day he and his buddy David Chiang (Vincent Wan Yeung-ming), who is dominated by his sexpot of a wife (Diana Pang), step out to mainland border town Shenzhen to have a night of booze and whoring. Unfortunately, David gets ensnared in a blackmailing scheme. Soon after Chin-hau steps on behave of his buddy, the prostitute and her pimp wind up dead. The two flee the scene and head for Vietnam. There Chin-hau contacts his wife to wire them some money. Along the way, the two pick up Yin (Marianne Chan Miu-ying), a beautiful lass on the run from a thuggish loan shark. When the gangster catches up with the fugitives, he steals Chin-hau's money thinking it was Yin's. With their desperation reaching ever-higher levels, David and Chin-hau plot something drastic.