Midnight Angel (1990)

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Chik Kei-yee directs this superhero kung fu yarn about a limber young teen named Rabbit (May Lo Mei-mei) who, growing sick and tired of the crime and injustice around her, dons black tights and a face mask to become the latest incarnation of "Cotton Flower", a mysterious crime fighter who disappeared thirty years ago. Her first coup is leading the police to notorious crime world villain Bull (Melvin Wong Kam-sum). The cops soon star to believe that Rabbit's kung fu master sister Ying (Yukari Oshima) is the masked hero. Unfortunately, so do Bull's henchmen who launch a counter attack against Rabbit's family. Soon Ying and her other sibling Cherry (Angile Leung Wan-yui) also don skintight crime-fighting outfits of their own and begin battling with the baddies.