Me und Gott (1918)

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At the time this propaganda picture was released, World War I was two and a half months away from its end -- a good thing, as its story line indicates that scenarists were running out of good ideas for patriotic films. August Weber (Frank Brownlee) was once a Prussian officer, but now he runs a delicatessen in Hoboken. When America declares war on Germany, Weber plans to use his son, Herman (Fred Boulk), to help his old homeland by blowing up some munitions plants. Herman, however, has sided with the pacifists, and doesn't want anything to do with his father's plan. When many of his friends turn around and begin enlisting, Herman decides to fight on the side of the U.S. Unfortunately it turns out that the young man has a heart condition and the Army rejects him. August pretends that he now sides with the U.S. and orchestrates a situation in which Herman almost blows up a plant, believing that he is helping the Allied cause. Luckily, he figures out what his father has planned in the nick of time and saves the plant instead. Paul Weigel makes an appearance as the Kaiser.