Mating (1915)

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When novelist Dick Ives (Herbert Rawlinson) moves in next door, Nancy Fane (Gladys Leslie) thinks he is a burglar and calls the police. The sheriff comes, but the situation is quickly cleared up, and Dick and Nancy become friends. Nancy has her work cut out for her taking care of her father (Forest Robertson) and younger siblings. Mr. Fane is an inventor without much common sense, and when a crooked promoter offers him a paltry sum for his invention, he is all too willing to take it. To stop the old man from being cheated, Dick steals the machine and hides it in his house so he can sell it for its true value. The stress of the situation is too much for Mr. Fane, and he dies. Nancy finds the invention at Dick's and refuses to hear any excuses -- once again she believes he is some sort of criminal. She won't have anything to do with him, even when he saves her sister (Aida Horton) from drowning. Because of his dive, Dick comes down with pneumonia, and while he is ill, Nancy receives a large check for her father's invention, with Dick mentioned as the agent. She dashes to Dick's bedside, but he is still delirious. Realizing that it is the last day of the contest he planned to enter, she rushes the manuscript to the office in the nick of time. It wins, and when Dick gets well, he finds a check waiting for him -- along with Nancy.