Matilda's Legacy (1915)

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Early screen comedienne Mae Hotely plays a decidedly plain spinster in this one-reel rural comedy from Lubin. The picture starts off with an appearance by Oliver Hardy (years before he teamed up with Stan Laurel, he was Lubin's resident "fat man"). Hardy, as Fatty Waite, is in love with Kitty, one of the town's pretty young ladies. But he has a rival, and the two of them come to blows. As a result of the fight, Si Dewberry (Jerold T. Hevener) is hit with a board and he retaliates by hitting back. But instead of finding his mark -- Fatty -- he smacks Matilda Honeysuckle, an old maid (Hotely). Seth Perkins (Ed Lawrence) helps revive her. Seth's niece finds out that Matilda is due to inherit a large legacy. Soon everyone in town knows about it and Matilda is surrounded by prospective suitors. Seth decides to get rid of them by sending her a bogus telegram informing her that she won't be getting the money after all. All of Matilda's new boyfriends disappear and she faints. When she comes to, Seth is at her side with a marriage proposal.