Marry the Poor Girl (1921)

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Carter DeHaven and his wife Flora starred together in a number of farce comedies such as Twin Beds, The Girl and the Taxi and this picture. All were amusing enough, but pretty much interchangeable. Here, Carter plays Jack Tanner, a hapless young man who secretly gets drunk at a house party and mistakenly wanders into the room belonging to the hostess's daughter. After spending a night in her bathtub, both families are worried about the potential scandal and insist that the young people marry. But they are both engaged to others, and Jack does his best to get out of the wedding. A friend convinces a chorus girl to claim that she is already married to Jack, but before she reluctantly agrees, they find a different woman to do the job. But before either of these phony wives can make themselves known, Jack marries the girl anyhow. It's just as well because eventually the pair find that they love each other after all.