Marriage Speculation (1917)

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Cliday (Charles Kent) is nearing retirement age and has saved up a few thousand dollars. Instead of looking toward Wall Street, he decides to sink the money into Clara Wilton (Mildred Manning), a young lady of his acquaintance. She's a clerk in the town candy shop who's in love with Billie Perkins (Wallace MacDonald), a clerk in the grocery store. But Billie gets fired for being lazy, and Clara doubts that he will ever make enough money for them to get married. So Cliday sends Clara to an expensive boarding school and buys her a stylish wardrobe on the condition that she find a rich man to marry who will support them both. After completing school, Clara and Cliday go to a summer resort where Clara is courted by several titled men. She settles on one, a count, even though she does not love him. But at the last minute a stranger tells her the count is a phony. The stranger turns out to be Billie, disguised, and he has come to tell Clara that he has turned himself around and become a partner at the grocery store. On top of that, a distant relative in England has left him a fortune. So they marry and everyone is happy -- except, presumably, the phony count.