Marabunta (1998)

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Having exhausted birds (The Birds), sharks (Jaws), dogs (Cujo), reptiles (Alligator), fish (Piranha), and even African bees (The Swarm), the desperate disaster-flick filmmakers behind Marabunta turn to an unlikely source of natural horror: ants. Not giant, radioactive ants as in Them!, but ordinary, albeit more deadly, killer South American ones. Set in a generic Alaska full of generic made-for-TV actors, Marabunta (also known as Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!) follows the exploits of an entomologist and the plucky townsfolk who race to help him avert a massacre of epic proportions. Featuring perhaps the fakest blue-screen fire ever to (dis)grace either the big or small screens and the most embarrassing performance ever committed by an off-season X-Files actor (pity poor Mitch Pileggi and forget about David Duchovny in Playing God), this flick leaves viewers no choice but to root for the murderous insects and debate about which walking stereotype deserves the swiftest underground-anthill death.