Mantle of Charity (1918)

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Norah McDonald (Margarita Fisher) and Paul Howell (Jack Mower) meet because of a misunderstanding -- while traveling by train, wealthy young Norah is loathe to leave her dog in baggage, so she dresses it up like a baby and boards the train with it in her arms. Paul sees her and her bundle of joy and notes that she's awfully young to be married. To his horror, she tells him she's not married and doesn't plan on it. When she gets off the train to meet her guardian, Paul is convinced that he is the man who has "disgraced" Norah and he offers her a job at his settlement house. Norah takes the job but finds the organization overrun with red tape, and when she tries, against company policy, to help out starving young mother Anna Houlahan (Louella Maxam), Paul fires her. In retaliation she sets up a settlement house right across the street from Paul's. Eventually Paul sees that Norah has a better handle on how to run things. They discuss the Houlahan case, which ends in Paul attempting to beat up the drunken Mr. Houlahan (Gordon Russell). But Mrs. Houlahan, to protect her rotten husband, lets Paul have it. With Norah's intercession, the situation clears up, and she and Paul decide to joins forces. Only then does he find out that Norah's "baby" is her pet pup.