Mam'selle Jo (1921)

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This drama was a tour de force for character actor Rose Dione. Without much feminine appeal, Jo (Dione) doesn't have much to look forward to in life. All she has is a heavily mortgaged farm and an invalid sister whom she must constantly care for. She does manage to find a sweetheart, but eventually he leaves her. Then her sister dies. Jo's dreary life goes on until one night, her former lover leaves his sick daughter on her doorstep. Accompanying the child is a note explaining that his wife turned out to have a less-than-stellar character, and he's dying and can no longer take care of the girl. Jo raises the girl, who becomes a lovely young woman, Donelle (Pauline Starke). But since Jo has not revealed where Donelle came from, the townsfolk assume that she is Jo's illegitimate child. Finally, the real mother returns to town and confesses to the local priest that she is Donelle's mother. The priest announces that Jo is not Donelle's mother after all, and the girl marries Tom Gavot, one of the village's finest young men (Jack Mower).