Magda (1917)

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The English-speaking version of the stage play by German author Herman Sudermann was a triumph for Mrs. Patrick Campbell. When Clara Kimball Young used it as one of her first independently made productions, however, it lost something in the translation. Magda (Young) rebels against the harsh treatment she receives from her stern father (Edward Kimball). She ultimately escapes from home with aspirations to become a singer. She is betrayed by Kellner (Edward Fielding), a friend of the family, but she also becomes a great success. When she returns to her hometown as a guest of honor, her sister urges her to reconcile with her father. She does, and their relationship improves until he discovers her betrayal by Kellner. He insists that she must marry him to save the family honor, but she refuses. Stubbornly, her father continues to insist that she wed Kellner or he will kill her. Magda saves herself from the situation by insinuating that she may have had other lovers besides Kellner. Her words are too much for the old man, who has a paralytic stroke and dies. Magda returns to her career and her happier life.