Madness of Helen (1916)

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When John Carlton (Jack Drumier) forbids his daughter Helen (Ethel Clayton) to see Robert Haskell (Earl Schenck), she runs off with him anyhow and they spend three days together. This was nothing sort of horribly scandalous back in the 1910s, so Mr. Carlton dies of the shock. Robert, a naval surgeon is suddenly called to his ship, and he leaves while Helen heads home, unaware of her father's death, to seek forgiveness. She is involved in an auto wreck and is carried home. Her twin sister Virginia (Clayton again, in one of those dual roles so favored during this era), takes her to the country to hide the shame she has wrought on the family. Helen's body heals but not her mind, and her odd behavior shocks the villagers (who believe she is Virginia) but is fascinating to the men there. One day she encounters young author Dane Ashley (Carlyle Blackwell). He believes she is Virginia, whom he has come to love in spite of the strange stories he has heard. Her true identity finally comes out when Virginia is about to be stoned by the villagers for Helen's behavior. Finally Robert -- who happens to be a friend of Dane's -- reappears, and when Dane berates him for taking advantage of Helen, he reveals that they had actually been married this whole time. Helen's mind is restored with Robert's return, and Virginia and Dane are able to be together in peace.