Lydia Gilmore (1916)

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The role of Lydia Gilmore in this picture (based on the play by Sir Henry Arthur Jones), gave star Pauline Frederick a prime opportunity to display her dramatic acting abilities. Lydia is married to a doctor (Vincent Serrano) who is seeing the wife (Helen Luttrell) of another man (Robert Cain). She is aware of his infidelity but chooses to suffer with it for the sake of their boy, Ned (Jack Curtis). But the woman's husband finds out about a rendez-vous she having with Gilmore and he shows up in her place. The two men fight and Gilmore kills the husband. He rushes home to Lydia and begs her to save him by swearing he was home the whole night. Gilmore is put on trial and Lydia does lie for him. But when Ned is called to the stand, she suddenly decides she should not allow him to lie, even if it's to his father's detriment. So Ned tells the truth and Gilmore is convicted. He conveniently has a heart attack, however, before he receives his punishment.