Lure of Millions (1915)

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In the years just prior to WWI, the Danish film industry was one of the busiest and most technologically advanced in the world. Still, American reviewers tended to be dismissive when critiquing such Danish efforts as the 4-reel The Lure of Millions. The story begins as a young speculator borrows a substantial sum of money, parlaying this cash into a huge fortune. Impressed by this, the wealthy man who lent the money turns over his entire estate to the enterprising borrower. Thus freed of all financial responsibilities, the lender decides to live the remainder of his life in reduced circumstances. But while searching for a menial job to keep himself busy, he is involved in an accident which costs him his right arm. Now unable to support himself, he becomes a shabby tramp, irrationally blaming the lucky young speculator for his troubles. Thus it is that the now-penurious protagonist vows to chase the other man to the ends of the earth for the express purpose of killing the poor fellow. Just as the tramp pulls the trigger, his "victim" wakes up, realizing that the whole film has been a dream!