Lure of Egypt (1921)

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Professor Lampton (Joseph J. Dowling) has traveled to the Thebian desert with his daughter, Margaret (Claire Adams), so he can find the tomb of Pharoh Akhnaton. Helping them out is a prominent artist, Michael Amory (Carl Gantvoort). This little group has an enemy in Prince Dagmar (Robert McKim), who has come from a Balkan country to rob the tomb of its treasures. Dagmar woos Margaret in an attempt to discover the tomb's location. Amory, who believes that there is a romance between them, finds the tomb's location himself from an old Bedouin. Dagmar uses the feminine wiles of Millicent Mervill (Maude Wayne) to wheedle information about the tomb away from Amory, but he rejects her advances. Through spying, she manages to find out where the tomb is, and she and Dagmar break into it the night before the professor plans to enter it. They are caught and their plans foiled. Professor Lampton's mission is a success, and Amory and Margaret find happiness together. This drama was adapted from the novel There Was a King in Egypt by Norma Lorimer.



archaeology, daughter, evil, finances, good-vs-evil, mysticism, prince, research, supernatural-forces