Lucky Carson (1921)

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Aquila Kempster's then-popular novel Salvage was the basis for this average programmer. John Peters (Earle Williams) is an English gambler whose luck has run out. He is about to throw himself into the Thames when he discovers a new opportunity by eavesdropping on a conversation between two men. He knocks one of them, Rudolph Kluck (Earl Schenck), unconscious, changes clothes with him, and heads for America. He makes a fresh start as David "Lucky" Carson, earns a fortune at the race track, then multiplies it by cornering the cotton market. Kluck comes to the U.S. and, not recognizing Carson, asks for his help -- he needs to get some letters back from Madame Maranoff, an adventuress (Gertrude Astor). Carson retrieves the letters, but then Kluck misunderstands his relationship with the woman. They argue and Carson reveals his true identity. The animosity between the two men spreads to Kluck's sister-in-law, Doris (Betty Ross Clarke). But Carson proves to be a good guy after all and amends are made.