Love's Pilgrimage to America (1916)

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Bishop Dorchester (Thomas Keeswald) and the Duke of Bilgewater (Henry Norman) are enemies. So when the Bishop's daughter, Lulu (Lulu Glaser) and the Duke's nephew, Tom (Tom Richards), want to marry, the union is absolutely forbidden. The determined couple, however, run away to America to make their fortune and wed. But they find it much harder to get by then they expected -- they can't even keep jobs as servants. In fact, Tom can't even keep his jobs as the servants' servant. He's finally thrown in jail, and Lulu has to disguise herself as a bellboy to keep the French cook from making passes at her. They are saved when the Duke and his son both die. Tom now inherits the title and is sprung from jail. The couple happily returns to England where they marry immediately.