Love's Flame (1920)

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This romance used postwar France as its backdrop. Captain Donald Clay, an American aviator (Thomas J. Carrigan), is shot down over France, and his injuries are so severe that the armistice is declared before he is able to be moved. He has been recuperating at the chateau belonging to the de Ronsards, with the help of pretty Adele de Ronsard (Vivienne Osborne). When Clay is ordered to report to his squadron for discharge, he and Adele declare their love for each other. But the discovery that there is a child at the chateau -- and that Adele had two additional suitors before Clay -- makes things extremely awkward. Clay speaks with the two other men and appeals to their sense of honor. Adele, impressed with his speech, is happy to accept him into her life and reveals the child actually belongs to her sister. Adele's old-fashioned father (Reginald Barlow), however, refuses to consent to her marrying an American, so Clay cleverly brings up the child again, and de Ronsard now insists that they wed.