Love without Question (1920)

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Old Silas Blackburn (Mario Majeroni) lives in his mansion with only his butler and his ward, Katherine (Olive Tell). There is an abandoned room in the home where three generations of Blackburns have died. One day Silas himself is found dead in the room. Suspicion falls on Katherine, and on Silas' grandson, Robert (James Morrison). It is assumed that they conspired to get their hands on Silas' fortune, and Robert also suffers from occasional blackouts. A detective investigates the crime and is found dead in the same manner as Silas. The room is considered haunted, and this idea is given weight when Silas shows up. At first he is thought to be a ghost, but he's really the genuine article. The man that was found dead was actually Silas' twin brother, who was cheated out of the fortune. Silas himself is the murderer. Katherine and Robert end the film as a couple. This murder mystery was based on the novel The Abandoned Room, by C. Wadsworth Camp.