Love Trail (1916)

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This picture, based on the novel, The Dop Doctor, by Richard Dehan, was made in England. Lynette (Agnes Glynne) is the orphaned daughter of Lord Mildare. She grows up in South Africa as a slavey to a Boer, Bough (Booth Conway), who treats her cruelly and then lusts after her when she reaches womanhood. She runs away from his advances, so he drags her behind his horse until she loses consciousness. She is found by a group of nuns and nursed back to health. The Boer War breaks out and she becomes a nurse herself. She also wins the love of two men, Lord Beauvayse and doctor Owen Saxham (Fred Paul). She accepts the proposal of Lord Beauvayse, but it is Saxham who saves her from Bough, who has sneaked through British lines. It is discovered that Lord Beauvayse is already married, and then he is killed in battle, which leaves Lynette free to be courted and won by Saxham.