Love That Dares (1919)

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Perry Risdon (Thomas Santschi) works too much and his wife, Olive (Madlaine Traverse) spends too much. Millionaire Ned Beckwith (Frank Elliott), an old flame of Olive's, is still hanging around. This volatile situation comes to a head when Beckwith calls in a loan he has made to Perry. Olive, finally realizing she has strapped her husband's finances, tries pawning her jewels, but does not come up with anywhere near enough money. Beckwith is willing to work out a deal...with Olive. Seeing no way out, she goes to Beckwith, but his mistress, Marta (Mae Gaston), brings his sleazy activities to a halt by killing him. In spite of a sensationalistic title, The Love That Dares brings nothing new or exciting to the old eternal triangle plot.