Love or Justice (1917)

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Nan Bishop (Louise Glaum) is an underworld queen who meets a young lawyer, Jack Dunn (Charles Gunn), who has become a coke fiend. She takes him under her wing and gets him off the white stuff; in return he helps the gang she's involved with evade capture. But even though she loves him, Nan finally sends him on his way so that he can return to a law-abiding life. A crook, Paul Keeley (Jack Richardson), pins a murder rap on Nan to save himself, and she finds herself on trial with Dunn as the prosecutor. She knows that this conviction will help his career, so she tries to confess, but Dunn believes she is innocent and, through his knowledge of the underworld, tracks down Keeley, the real killer. Nan is released and she and Dunn are married.