Love Doctor (1917)

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Dr. Ordway Brandt (Earle Williams) may be a brain surgeon by profession, but when it comes to love, he doesn't have a clue. The object of his affections, Rose Deming (Patsy DeForest), is a cold young lady who has just completed a convent education. Someone else is totally infatuated with the good doctor, however -- Blanche Hildreth (Corinne Griffith), the passionate wife of an invalid (Frank McDonald). Rose is seriously injured in an accident, which gives Dr. Brandt an idea -- he tricks Blanche (whose husband has conveniently died) into an operating room and transfers brain cells between the women. This plot works too well -- Rose's passions are awakened, but she's compelled to spread them around to any willing gentleman who happens along. Blanche, meanwhile, becomes a happy homebody. Finally, Brandt saves Rose from eternal perdition by changing some brain cells with her, and she re-enters the convent. He then settles down with the newly sedate Blanche. Surprisingly, this wacky story was found pleasantly entertaining in its day.