Love Defender (1919)

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Frank Rodney (Frank Mayo) is dumped by his sweetheart Anita (Eloise Clement) when she meets a man of wealth. Gradually Frank becomes involved with Hope (June Elvidge), the daughter of his boss, Dr. Meredith (Tefft Johnson, who also directed the film). When the doctor and his wife are killed in a car crash, Frank marries Hope and settles down as a country doctor ... until Anita comes back into his life. She has discovered that while her husband is rich, he's very dull, so she writes to Frank. He makes an excuse to Hope about a business trip and goes to see Anita. Hope, being no dummy, figures out the scenario and threatens Anita. For a while, everything calms down, but then Anita's husband dies and she pulls out all the stops in an attempt to win Frank over. Even though Hope has been a devoted and loving wife, Frank tells her the marriage has been a failure and he leaves to go on a trip with Anita. Hope finally gives up and writes a letter telling her husband she plans to kill herself so she won't stand in his way. Before she can end it all, Frank realizes that Anita is a shallow and selfish woman, and he gratefully returns to Hope. This straightforward picture added nothing new to the cliched story of the eternal triangle, nor did it add anything to June Elvidge's career.