Love Call (1919)

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In this highly atypical story of the Old West, Billie Rhodes plays Kid Allen and William Dyer is her father, an alcoholic former seaman. The Kid's father gets in a fight that results in his death, and the Kid herself kills the murderer. Left alone in the world, she decides to go find the "eddication" that her daddy said she should get. On her search for the nearest university, she meets a modest shepherd, Joe Emory (Lloyd Whitlock), and they fall in love. She leaves, however, to go get educated. A cowboy, Nick Horton (Art Hoxan), escorts her to the university, and when the school's president tells her she doesn't have the qualifications for admittance, Nick beats him into submission. So the Kid begins her "eddication," but she discovers it will take her seven years to get a diploma. A letter from Joe, calling her back, seems far more appealing and she goes to him instead.