Lotus Woman (1916)

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Three years after she made The Vampire, Alice Hollister was still being touted as "the original screen vampire" by her studio, Kalem. So her role here is predictable. Juana (Hollister), also known as "the Lotus Woman," is the lover of Lopez, a rebel leader in an unnamed South American country. After losing his girl to a rival, Jerry Mandeville (Harry Millarde, who also directed) becomes a soldier of fortune and joins up with Lopez. Juana tries to work her magic on him and fails, so she swears revenge. Business brings Mandeville's rival, Chase (Arthur Albertson), to South America, and he is easily seduced by Juana's fatal charms. When the girl Chase won comes looking for him, Mandeville pretends to be Juana's husband to save Chase's relationship. But Chase is killed by rebel soldiers, and the girl realizes that Mandeville was always the better man. Lopez is killed by Juana's father, Don Ricardo, and Juana commits suicide with her stiletto.