Lost : The Man From Tallahassee (2007)

Genres - Drama  |   Run Time - 60 min.  |   Countries - United States   |  
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Ben presents Locke with some of the island's many secrets as Jack is spotted playing a most curios game of football. As Kate, Sayid, Locke, and Rousseau watch silently under the cloak of the jungle, Jack and Friendly toss around the pigskin before Ben emerges in a wheelchair to shake hands with the smiling doctor. Rousseau slips back into the trees, and as Kate prepares her gun for war Sayid does his best to keep her anger in check. Locke too opts to take the calm approach, casually adding that chances are good Jack has a plan. Suddenly, time flashed backward to the time when Locke was sitting in his apartment and heard a knock at the door. On the other side is a young man named Peter who seems to know quite a bit about Locke's recent past. It seems that Peter's mom has recently gotten involved with a retired computer entrepreneur named Adam Seward. Peter thought something seemed strange about Adam, so he did a little research and discovered that the man's real name was Anthony Cooper - the same man to whom Locke donated one of his kidneys. Back on the island nighttime has come, giving Kate, Locke, and Sayid the opportunity to slip into Jack's house unnoticed. Jack is angered to see Kate, ordering her to leave before her presence is noticed. But it's too late, because guards are already at the door with a captive Sayid. Meanwhile, Ben awakens from his slumber to find an armed Locke demanding to know the location of the submarine. When Alex bursts in, Locke grabs the girl and hides in the closet. Immediately thereafter, Friendly arrives to inform Ben that Kate and Sayid have been captured during a failed attempt to rescue Jack. Ben then issues Friendly a mysterious order, which makes Locke somewhat suspicious. Back in the past, Locke confronts Cooper in a florists shop and demands that he call of his wedding to Anthony's mother - a demand to which the crafty conman reluctantly agrees. As Jack and Kate talk in the island rec room, Kate begins to realize why Jack has been acting so strange. At the same time, Ben begins to suspect that Locke is planning on blowing up the submarine, revealing that he knows precisely how Locke ended up in a wheelchair. Ben suspects that Locke is afraid to leave the island because he may not be able to walk again, and describes the island as a large box that can give one anything they want if they only imagine it. Later, after Alex gives Sayid's pack to Ben as requested and Locke gets a chance to check out the sub, Juliet and Jack prepare to board the vessel for their ride back home as it suddenly explodes. Locke's memories then drift back to the emotional pain of physical therapy. Later, Ben acknowledges that Locke has a special communication with the island before leading him to a secret room. When the door is opened, Locke is stunned to see who is sitting on the opposite side.