Lost : Left Behind (2007)

Genres - Drama  |   Run Time - 60 min.  |   Countries - United States   |  
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Kate wakes up in the jungle handcuffed to Juliet, prompting a race back to the barracks to rescue Jack and Sayid as she recalls a pivotal encounter with her mother in the past. As Kate gets into a skirmish with Juliet, Locke approaches to inform her that the has made the decision to leave with the Others. Though Kate thinks that the Others have brainwashed Locke into believing they will take him back home, Locke counters that he doesn't want to go back home. As the Others don gas masks while preparing to leave, a gas canister is thrown into the room knocking Kate unconscious. Recalling the time back in Iowa when she helped con artist Cassidy out of a tight jam for fear of police intervention, Kate remembers how her mother attempted to sell her out to the feds for killing the man she loved. Back on the island, Kate awakens in the jungle handcuffed to Juliet. When Kate announces that she is going back to the barracks to rescue her friends, Juliet tells her about the time Jack glimpsed her and Sawyer on the monitors as they made love. When the smoke monster appears both women dive into the roots of a banyan tree, though after flashing bright lights in Juliet's face the beast retreats just as quickly as it appeared. Back at the camp, Hurley informs Sawyer that the castaways are taking a vote to decide whether or not he should be banished. Realizing that flying solo in such surroundings is not a possibility, Sawyer soon takes Hurley's advice and begins making amends. Just as Kate and Juliet reach the barracks the smoke monster reappears, chasing the frightened pair to the pylons. In a surprise move, Juliet produces a key and sets herself free in time to enter the access code on the touch pad. After a narrow escape, Juliet admits that she was left behind too, and assumed that Kate would abandon her if they weren't bound together. They soon reach the barracks, which are entirely empty except for Jack and Sayid. Meanwhile, as Kate, Juliet, Jack, and Sayid prepare to head back for the beach, Sawyer learns that sometimes even the best con artist fall victim to their own game.