Lost City of the Jungle: Himalaya Terror (1946)

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In chapter one of Lost City of the Jungle, international spy Sir Eric Hazarias (Lionel Atwill) fakes his own death. In reality, Sir Eric and his secret boss, Malborn (John Mylong), are in the Himalayas searching for Meteorium 245, a defense against the nuclear bomb found only in a lost city in the country of Pendrang. Sir Eric, who is masquerading as Geoffrey London, uses an archeological expedition lead by Dr. Elmore (John Eldredge) as his cover. Hired by the United Peace Foundation to prevent this threat to world security, Rod Stanton (Russell Hayden) discovers a stowaway en route to Pendrang, Marjorie Elmore (Jane Adams), the daughter of the archeologist. Still in shock over the pretty girl's sudden appearance, the hero gets his hands full when one of the aircraft's engines malfunctions. Although Rod and Marjorie survive a crash landing, they are now at the mercy of the freezing conditions in general and an avalanche in particular.