Lost : Walkabout (2004)

Genres - Drama  |   Run Time - 60 min.  |   Countries - United States   |  
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When Locke leads Kate and Michael on a hunt for food, a tantalizing secret about the island's most mysterious survivor suddenly comes to light. As Locke dreams about the moments just after the crash, Vincent's incessant barking wakes up the entire camp. Something is in the fuselage, and as the group attempts to get a better look by using a flashlight three wild boars come dashing out. Apparently the beasts had been attracted to the bodies that had been roasting in the fuselage for the last few days, leading Jack to recommend that the corpses be cremated. With food supplies running short, Locke recommends that the group go hunting the boars for meat - they can even use his personal collection of knives to slay the swine. As Locke reflects on his past, it's revealed that he was not the military man one would suspect but the average cubicle dweller. Later, Michael and Locke prepare to go out on the hunt while Sun keeps an eye on Walt and Sayid attempts to trace the source of the mysterious French transmission. Back on the beach, Claire collects the possessions of those killed in the crash in order to stage a eulogy. Claire asks Jack to conduct the ceremony but he refuses, leaving her reluctantly saddled with a weighty responsibility. Boone has noticed that a survivor named Rose has been sitting alone on the beach and refusing to east, though when he mentions it to Shannon she tells him to mind his own business. As the hunt continues, Locke hones in on the boar's tracks just as one of the beasts begins to charge. Immediately after, Locke drifts back to the time that he purchased the tickets for he and Helen to take an Australian walkabout and was casually rejected - leaving him more determined to slay the boar than ever. Meanwhile, Shannon attempts to manipulate Charlie into catching her a fish as Jack learns that Rose's husband Bernard is missing. Though she hasn't seen him since the crash, she instinctually knows that he is still alive. After Claire discovers an envelope marked for Sayid and containing a picture of a woman, Kate climbs a tree to attach an antennae to trace the broadcast and sees an enormous monster heading directly towards Locke. Jack too has noticed something in the trees, making a mad dash to find out just what it could be. Much to his surprise, it was just Locke returning with a wild boar for dinner. That night, as the fuselage is ignited and the memorial service begins, Michael asks Locke about the monster. While Locke claims to have seen nothing, it's obvious that he has more than his fare share of secrets.