Lost : The Other 48 Days (2005)

Genres - Drama  |   Run Time - 64 min.  |   Countries - United States   |  
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As Oceanic Flight 815 plummets out of the sky towards the beautiful but mysterious tropical island below, the story of the so-called "Tailies" begins to unfold much in the same manner as it did with Jack and the other survivors. Flaming wreckage is everywhere, and the beach is in chaos. As Mr. Eko emerges from the water with a young girl named Emma, Ana Lucia rushes to give the girl mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Bernard, Libby, and Cindy are all there, too. But over the course of the next forty-eight days, the twenty-three survivors from this section of the plane will fast find their numbers dwindling. Following the initial attack in which Mr. Eko kills two invaders and Ana Lucia emerges as the group leader, a second wave of invaders descends to abduct the children. During the fracas, Ana Lucia kills one of the attackers and discovers a list detailing the names of everyone who has been taken. Deducing that someone within their ranks is a traitor, Ana Lucia singles out Nathan - whom nobody remembers from the flight. But Ana Lucia has fingered the wrong man, a fact she only realizes after she and Goodwin attempt to try the radio they found in an abandoned bunker. Later, after Ana Lucia and Goodwin engage in a life or death struggle and Mr. Eko finally breaks his forty day vow of silence, Bernard responds to a perplexing distress call from Boone and the worlds of these two groups gradually begin to converge.