Lost : Not in Portland (2004)

Genres - Drama, Action, Adventure, Thriller  |   Run Time - 61 min.  |   Countries - United States  |  
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As Ben slowly bleeds to death on the operating table, Sawyer and Kate find an unexpected ally in their attempt to escape the island. Jack has ceased to operate, claiming that he will let Ben die if the Others don't allow Kate and Sawyer to escape. When Juliet gives orders to kill the fleeing pair, Jack tells Friendly that she was the instigator of the plan all along. Suddenly, a severely weakened Ben calls out and asks to speak with Juliet alone. Flashing back to the time before she came to the island, Juliet recalls the time her sister was in the hospital receiving chemotherapy. Juliet furtively gives Rachel a shot, and Rachel wonders aloud if her sister is growing hesitant do to the presence of Edmund Burke. Edmund is not only the head of the research lab, but Rachel's ex-husband as well. Juliet's fears about Edmund were apparently well founded too, because he soon warns his ex wife that he will report her to the authorities if she doesn't let him in on her research and publishing. While Richard Alpert from Mittelos BioScience longs to lure Juliet away from her current job, she knows that Edmund won't let her out of her grant before the work is done. Later, Edmund meets with a grim end and Alpert assures Juliet that the offer still stands and that she will be home in time to see her sister give birth. Meanwhile, back on the island, Juliet's conversation with Ben has prompted her to change her position on the escape plan: if Jack continues the operation, Sawyer and Kate will walk free. Out in the jungle Sawyer and Kate run across Alex, who promises to lead them to a boat if they help free her boyfriend Karl. As the trio makes their way to the compound where Karl is being held, Jack resumes operating on Ben. Now that Kate and Sawyer have fulfilled their end of the bargain, Alex leads them to the boat where all four prepare to set sail. But their departure is interrupted when Pickett emerges from the jungle prepared to kill Sawyer and Juliet tells Alex that Ben will kill Karl if Alex tries to leave.