Lord Loveland Discovers America (1916)

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With all his creditors on his back, Lord Loveland (Arthur Made) has no choice but to go to America and look for an heiress to wed. But troubles continue -- back in England, his disgruntled, and unpaid, valet is pretending to be Loveland so a hold has been put on his bank account. As a result, the nobleman has no credit and the hotel where he is staying throws him out, keeping his baggage as collateral. So he goes to Central Park where he meets artist Bill Willing (William Carol). Because of Loveland's evening dress and monocle, Bill gets him a job as a waiter at a restaurant where he paints signs. Although he distinguishes himself there, he loses his job anyhow and goes on to play minor roles in a vaudeville troupe. While thus engaged, he runs into playwright Leslie Dearmer (Constance Crawley), who he met on the voyage to the States. She takes pity on him and hires him as her chauffeur. Eventually they fall in love and become engaged. Loveland's identity problems in England are cleared up, but he's just as happy to stay in New York with Leslie.