Long Trail (1910)

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Broadway matinee idol Lou Tellegen) seemed a bit out of place in this raw and rugged adventure of the Great White North. Tellegan is cast as Dubois, a Canuck trapper who lives in a remote mountain cabin with his sister Michette (Winifred Allen). The Dubois household is soon visited by huntress Louise Graham (Mary Fuller) and her no-account brother Paul (Sydney Bracy). It isn't long before Paul tries to seduce Michette, while Louise finds herself in an innocent but compromising situation with Dubois. By far the most honorable character in the film, Dubois marries Louise to save her from disgrace, but Paul has no intention of making an "honest woman" out of Michette. To make things even dicier, Paul is an escaped murderer, and Dubois is placed in a position to turn him over to the authorities. Though thirsting for revenge for what Paul has done to Michette, Dubois must also consider the fact that the fugitive is now his own brother-in-law, and as such is worthy of protection from the authorities. No wonder this trail is so long!