Long Lane's Turning (1919)

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Henry Walthall's career went downhill after his association with D.W. Griffith, partly because the material chosen for his films was often not worthy of him. This drama, based on a best-selling novel by Hallie Erminie Rives, might have served him well if the film itself weren't so poorly executed. Walthall plays Harry Sevier, a lawyer whose brilliance is marred by his alcoholism. When his drinking causes him to lose a case in which he was representing an innocent man, he leaves the city in an attempt to dry out. He meets Echo Allen (Mary Charleston), whose father, a judge (Melbourne McDowell), is a victim of blackmail because he has taken a stand against a distillery corporation. Sevier helps Echo retrieve her father's papers from the home of Carmeron Craig, the corporation's head (Jack Richardson), but a robber breaks into the home at the same time. Craig is shot in the fracas and Sevier is held responsible. Under an assumed name, he is sent to prison but he escapes while the inmates are being entertained by vaudeville performers. With the help of Echo, he is able to fight off accusations left over from the break-in and he runs for governor.