Lo Ricatto di Una Ragazza per Bene (1974)

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Genre stalwart Luigi Batzella directed this intriguing cult thriller under the pseudonym "Paolo Solvay." A group of friends help Babel Stone (Brigitte Skay), the marijuana-smoking hippie daughter of a wealthy businessman, stage a phony kidnapping plot to blackmail her father (Umberto Raho). An accidental murder, betrayal, and numerous sexual interludes punctuate the tense situation, in which absolutely everything which could possibly go wrong with the scheme occurs in rapid succession. In the outlandish climax, one of Babel's accomplices (Benjamin Lev) explodes in a paranoid rage and mows down the entire cast with a gun, only to lose the ransom money to a strong wind. Batzella undercuts the film with the cheat "it was all a dream" ending, but this is still a clever thriller with some engagingly bizarre moments, including Babel's seduction of a black maid and some delightfully excessive rants by the unbalanced Lev.



accident, betrayal, blackmail, daughter, friendship, hippie, kidnapping, murder, paranoia, rage, sex