Little Miss Optimist (1917)

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In spite of her sordid surroundings, newsgirl Mazie-Rosie Carden (Vivian Martin) has a positive outlook on life that is infectious. She passes this spirit along to Deal Hendrie (Tom Moore), a young, down-on-his-luck musician. She gives him her good luck dime, and he finds work as a church organist with the help of John West (Ernest Joy), who owns a coal company. West's manager, Samuel Winter (Charles Gerard), has been embezzling from the company, but he tries to lay the blame on Mazie-Rosie's brother, fellow employee Ben (Charles West). West discovers the truth and fires Winter, who murders him in a fit of rage. Winter then goes through the dead man's pockets and finds, among other things, Mazie-Rosie's dime, which Hendrie has lost. When he throws the dime in the church collection plate, he's pegged as the killer. Hendrie, meanwhile, proposes to Mazie, and they marry.