Little Grey Mouse (1920)

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For her first time out as a full-fledged star, Louise Lovely got stuck with the colorless role of a neglected wife. Secretary Beverley Arnold (Lovely ) is courted by two lawyers at the firm where she works -- Stephen Grey (Philo McCullough) and John Cumberland (Sam DeGrasse). She chooses Grey and they are married. He decides he's a better writer than lawyer, and as an author becomes a success -- primarily because Beverley has been quietly reworking his material. But Grey tires of his demure little helpmate and falls into the clutches of a sculptress (read: vamp), Hedda Kossiter (Rosemary Theby). In her meek way, Beverley tries to confront the adulterous pair, but Gray just kisses his mistress right in front of her and requests a divorce. So Beverley goes her own way and she becomes a successful scribe in her own right, while Grey's career languishes. She also reunites with the steadier, and stodgier, Cumberland. When Grey tries to get her back, she tells him she's betrothed to his former law partner. The story to this picture was written by the very unmouse-like future vamp Barbara LaMarr, who got credit under her (then) married name, Barbara LaMarr Deely.