Lightning Bryce: The Noose (1919)

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Dragged over hill and dale behind his horse, Scout, Lightning Bryce (Jack Hoxie) finally manages to grab hold of a tree stump and stop Scout's wild charge. Solvang (Paul Hurst), who has kidnapped Kate (Ann Little), makes his escape in a touring car and Lightning once again takes up the chase. The Arnold cowboys, however, blame Lightning for Kate's disappearance and follow him. Soon everyone is searching for the missing girl, including Lightning's protector, the veiled Mystery Woman (Jill Woodward). The latter gets words to her allies, the Yaqui Indians, whose tom-toms tell Bryce that Solvang is keeping Kate captive at the Doble ranch. Eluding his captors, Lightning arrives just in time to save Kate from being molested by the vile Solvang. But the Indian runner Zambleau (Steve Clemente), who believes Bryce to be in possession of the sacred La Conche gold nuggets stolen by Kate's father, dynamites a tall tree that comes crashing down on the ranch house.