Lightning Bryce: The Dragon's Den (1919)

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Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein

Having survived the collapse of the ranch house, Lightning (Jack Hoxie) learns that Powder Solvang (Paul Hurst) is planning to bring Kate Arnold (Ann Little) to Dopey Sam's in Los Angeles. At Mother Lopez's homestead, Kate is given Muskwana, a hypnotic drug that turns her into a willing slave. Fortunately, the veiled Mystery Woman (Jill Woodward), Lightning's secret benefactress, possesses the antidote to Muskwana and releases Kate from its fatal influence. When Lightning arrives at Dopey Sam's in Los Angeles' Chinatown, Sam hides Solvang and Kate in a secret room, the latter pretending to remain under the influence of the mysterious drug. Searching Chinatown for Kate, our hero is trailed by Chinese thugs hired by Solvang, who wants to get rid of his rival at all costs. As episode five comes to a close, Lightning finds himself perilously dangling from a rope, stretched between two buildings, and about to be severed by one of the henchmen.