Lightning Bryce: A Voice from the Dead (1919)

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While the evil Powder Solvang (Paul Hurst) escapes the burning farmhouse, Lightning Bryce (Jack Hoxie) is feared lost. Back in town, Kate Arnold (Ann Little), who has learned the whereabouts of the treasure from the Mystery Woman (Jill Woodward), is heartbroken when notified of Lightning's possible fate and departs for her aunt's home in New York. Once installed, the foolish girl demands to store the treasure in the basement -- "So I can look at it occasionally" -- blithely unaware that the butler, Lefty (Noble Johnson), is Solvang's spy. Lightning, who was only wounded in the fire, heads for New York and the lovers are reunited. The occasion, however, is somewhat spoiled by the appearance of Solvang and his gang. Outnumbered and overpowered, Lightning finds himself ruthlessly stuffed into a huge trunk.