Lifted Veil (1917)

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Ethel Barrymore's brief but busy flurry of silent-film activity yielded such competent but forgettable vehicles as The Lifted Veil. In a moment of weakness, heroine Barrymore allows herself to be seduced by her best friend's husband. Ashamed by her behavior, she rushes off to Europe, where for the next two years she lives a near-monastic existence. Upon returning home, the still-repentant Barrymore assumes a false name, dons a heavy veil, and seeks out the advice of a minister. Feeling "cleansed," Barrymore is about to marry her new sweetheart, but the sudden reappearance of the man who caused her downfall puts an end to her short-lived happiness. Only when the heroine is reunited with her sweetheart on the battlefields of France (she is a nurse, he a soldier) are her past indiscretions forgiven.