Life Mask (1918)

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Olga Petrova stars as Anita Courtland, one of the last three surviving members of an old and once very wealthy family. When the money finally runs out of the Courtland vaults, Anita is forced into a marriage with millionaire Woodruffe Clay (Wyndham Standing). Thoroughly detesting her new husband, Anita refuses him entry to her boudoir, vowing to be a wife in name only. In desperation, Clay breaks down the door of the bridal chamber, suffering a brain injury in the process. Exhibiting an ever-increasing dementia, Clay begins treating Anita atrociously, even installing his former mistress in their home -- and when Anita complains, Clay cites his "illness" and demands that she wait on him hand and foot. Late one evening, Clay is given an overdose of medicine and dies. Having experienced a dream in which she murders her husband, Anita becomes convinced that she performed the fatal deed while sleepwalking, but she is cleared of all suspicion when the doctor chalks up her husband's death to natural causes. Somewhat relieved, Anita embarks on a European tour, but upon returning to America she is arrested: an autopsy has proven that Clay was deliberately poisoned. Is Anita the guilty party, or is she merely the victim of her own delusions? Clay's nurse (Lucille LaVerne) may hold the answer, for she seems to be hiding a horrible secret.