Lend Me Your Name (1918)

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Double exposure cinematography techniques were something of a novelty in the 1910s, so just about every star of the era had to play lookalikes or twins. This farce comedy, based on the novel by Perry Elliott, was Harold Lockwood's chance. Unfortunately, Lockwood seemed to occasionally get the characters mixed up and it wasn't one of his best vehicles. The Earl of Gilleigh (Lockwood) is married to a shrewish wife, Sophronia (Bessie Eyton), while his twin brother, Warren Ellis (also Lockwood), left the ancestral home and became a wanderer. The Earl has become so unhappy with his life -- and his marriage -- that he is ready to commit suicide. Just then, Ellis unexpectedly turns up and The Earl begs to change places with him. Ellis agrees and takes over the estate. He meets Rosalind, a student at a nearby boarding school (Pauline Curley), and falls in love with her. The only problem is he still has to contend with his brother's wife, who believes that he is her husband. Ellis decides his best plan is to break Sophronia of her nagging ways so that she and the Earl can be reunited and he can be with Rosalind. His plan works, but not before a lot of mayhem involving mistaken identities.