Le Chant De La Noria (2002)

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Thanks to new Tunisian legislation recently enacted, Zeineb (Houyem Rassaa) can now legally divorce her draconian husband -- though she still lives in fear, since he is more or less obsessed with tracking her down. As she flees her deranged husband and his equally obsessive family, Zeineb runs into M'Hamed (Ahmed Hafiene), the man she loved before she was sent off into her arranged marriage. M'Hamed is also engaged in his own form of escape by trying to save up money in order to leave Tunisia and pursue his lifelong dream of studying in France. Until now, this has been financially impossible and M'Hamed has been forced to become a teacher. But by chance, M'Hamed has learned of the opportunity to work for a movie production filming on location. Zeineb and M'Hamed become traveling companions as they cross the desert looking for the film crew that may provide the escape each is seeking.